Disability Services

BHSU-RC contact:  Becky Cornell 605-718-4077; Rebecca.Cornell@bhsu.edu

Main Campus Contacts:
BHSU main campus contact:          Jen Lucero 605-642‐6099;     Jennifer.Lucero@bhsu.edu
DSU main campus contact:            Keith Bundy 605-256-5121;     Keith.Bundy@dsu.edu
NSU main campus contact:            Doris Stusiak 605-626-2371;    Doris.Stusiak@nsu.edu
SDSM&T main campus contact:     Jolie McCoy 605-394-1924;     Jolie.McCoy@sdsmt.edu
SDSU main campus contact:          Nancy Crooks 605-688-4504;  sdsu.disabilityservices@sdstate.edu
USD main campus contact:            Ernetta Fox 605-677-6389;      disabilityservices@usd.edu

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